When I am afraid I will put my trust in you. Psalm 56:3


In my last post I shared how our Infertility journey started. After one year of trying to have a baby, we started seeking medical help. At this point, we were starting to become impatient. I started at home by using an app for ovulation tracking. We bought a fertility test kit online and noticed an abnormal result right away. Then, we tried it again and obtained the same result. This information confirmed our fears. We shared this information with our primary care doctor who ordered basic labs and referred us to specialists. We saw a gynecologist and urologist who performed more testing. Upon visiting the urologist a few weeks later, we found out some devastating news that my husband’s test showed  azospermia. The urologist could not explain the cause. Instead, he referred us to an andrologist and we had to wait for an appointment for about a month. In the meantime, we did our our research on using google (not the best choice). This news was just devastating. I remember crying all the way to work the next morning and a song came onto the Christian radio station I was listening to that filled my heart with hope. The following day, I received an email from an natural Infertility site about dealing with Infertility grief. Although my deep pain and grief was not completely relieved, these simple little events gave me some relief. A few days later, I downloaded a devotional for those struggling with Infertility. It was really helpful during this time.

Finally after much waiting, we received a hopeful answer. At the first appointment with the andrologist, my husband was diagnosed with male factor Infertility due to an absence of bilateral vas deferens caused by Cystic Fibrosis. The andrologist told us the good news is that we never have to worry about birth control. However, the bad news is that our only chance to have our own baby is to go through the process of invitrofertilization. He scheduled my husband for a sperm removal surgery a month later. Then, after a successful operation we were sent to a fertility specialist for months of further testing.  This included further genetic testing due to the new diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis. Whew, what a journey!

We are now finally ready to start the next part of our journey after nearly one year of seeing specialists and going through extensive diagnostic testing. It has not been an easy journey. When you are waiting for answers it can be easy to become discouraged. However, it is important not to lose hope. While listening to a sermon this morning, the preacher said when you are in crisis and don’t know what to do, cry out to God. He will give you the answers. Then, in faith go forward. We go through challenges to help grow our characters. In turn, we can use these experiences to strengthen our faith and inspire others.

Our next challenge is IVF, ready or not, here we go…


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