It has been a few weeks since my last post because there has not been much to report. We are currently 2 weeks into our estimated 6 week schedule for our first frozen embryo transfer. Throughout this process I have learned when going for procedures and ultra sounds it is better to wear comfy and uncomplicated outfits.

Today at the clinic, the nurses complimented on my outfit. I wore a simple, light spring dress and a pair of trendy flip flops. I chose this outfit because it is comfy, loose fitting and was easy to slip in and out of for the procedure. During the procedure visits, I have been provided with booties for my feet. However, for the ultrasound appointments, I started either wearing socks with flats or throwing a pair in my purse prior to an appointment if I decided to wear flip flops or high heels. Doctors offices can often be chilly. In the past, I have kept a sweater on hand.

Two weeks ago I was placed on a progesterone birth control pill to control my cycle. I have noticed this medication has my body temperature running on the warm side. Between the medication and warm spring weather I have not been having to worry about having a sweater handy.

Today our trial transfer procedure went well. So far it seems my uterus looks like a good home for one of our little embryos. We are thankful for this good news. Now we are praying the rest of this treatment will go smoothly.

Things are starting to get a little more exciting. We are ready to start the next steps of this process. The next step will be a blood draw next week. For this visit, I just plan to wear a blouse in which my arms will be easily accessible for the blood draw.

If you have any other tips or your own story to share, please feel free to comment below.


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