This has been a very eventful week. A few posts ago I mentioned the clinic changed my FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) schedule to include birth control pills. Well, one of my nurses missed the memo and was still following the old schedule. She had me come to the clinic for two blood draws that were not on the new schedule. So we fell behind on our treatment. I did question the nurse when she scheduled me for the second blood draw but ended up accepting her explanation at the time. On Monday I recieved a call from my other nurse who seemed just as confused as I was. She asked me why I went to the clinic for the last two blood draws. I am thankful she caught the error. She met with the doctor, explained the situation and called me back with an update. They said to start my Lupron shots the next morning so we could get back on track. After 5 days of shots I will stop the birth control pills. My next appointment is scheduled on the 21st for a blood draw and ultrasound. We are praying my body will respond to treatment as planned. We are really hoping the rest of the treatment will go smoothly. At this point, it seems like we have about 3-4 weeks left to go prior to our FET.

This mix-up did create some fear and  doubt initially. I think our biggest fear was that this would negatively impact our transfer. We do not want anything to jeopardize our transfer or our embryo.   The clinic assured us that this should not create any problem and they do not want to delay our treatment any longer.

Times like these remind me that it takes a lot of faith to keep going. We have to have  faith in God that he is in control. We still must have faith in our doctor and the clinic as we continue on this journey. Lastly, I must continue to have faith that my body will do what we need it to do.


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