These past few weeks I have continued with subcutaneous Lupron injections every morning and estrogen tablets twice a day. On Monday, I went to the clinic for an ultrasound to check the lining of my uterus and a blood draw to check an estrogen level. The ultrasound tech said my uterine lining looks great. She explained the thickness that the doctor prefers prior to embryo transfer is at minimum a thickness of 8. My lining measured at a level of 12. Later that afternoon, I got a call from my nurse notifying me that we are ready to proceed with the next part of treatment. She scheduled a preop visit for today where I met with a doctor and nurse to go over our frozen embryo transfer plan and education on intramuscular progesterone injections, preop and postop instructions. I received a new medication schedule and 3 additional prescriptions. These scripts include an antibiotic and steroid to start next week. I was also give a script for one Valium pill. The nurse explained for me to bring the Valium to the clinic and I will take it prior to transfer to relax the cervix and prevent any cramping during or after the embryo transfer.

I am excited to report that we are officially scheduled for our first embryo transfer on Thursday, May 11th. As previously discussed in a previous blog post, we have decided to transfer only one embryo. The doctor explained the embryologist will thaw our embryo the morning of transfer. The clinic has a very high survival rate for embryo thawing. After the transfer I will go home and rest. My clinic does not require any bed rest after transfer. However, there are some restrictions. For example, no heavy lifting or relations for 2 weeks. I was also scheduled for an HCG blood draw approximately 2 weeks after the transfer in order to find out if the transfer was a success.

On my way home from the clinic today I heard from my sister-in-law. She notified us that she passed a very important board exam that we have been praying about for some time. I was so happy for her and proud of this accomplishment that it brought me to tears. We know how hard she has worked and she definitely deserves to succeed.

Arwin and I are so thankful for a week filled with good news. We would appreciate prayers and positive thoughts for our much anticipated embryo transfer next week.


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