Today is our FET (frozen embryo transfer) day! This has been the most exciting day so far along this IVF journey. I was instructed to drink 32 oz of water within the hour prior to arrival at the clinic. A full bladder is required for the transfer.

We met with the doctor prior to our transfer and she notified us our embryo had survived the thawing process and was doing well. She gave us a photo of the little embryo pictured below.


Prior to the procedure the ultrasound tech checked my bladder to make sure it was full. They said it looked good and we were ready to go. I was given a Valium prior to the procedure to prevent any cramping of the uterus. This also helped me feel very relaxed. They inserted a catheter into my uterus and released the embryo surrounded by a small amount of fluid. I was able to watch the entire procedure on the ultrasound monitor. When the embryo was inserted there was a little white streak in the uterus on the ultrasound screen. Everyone in the room smiled and expressed their excitement. After the procedure was complete, the ultrasound tech provided us with a photo that captured this special moment. In the photo below the large black area is my extremely full bladder. Below, the light grey circle/area is the uterus. I am pointing toward the white streak that represents the embryo.


After the transfer, we came home and enjoyed some nice warm vegetable, noodle soup. I watched a movie and I took a short nap. This evening we plan to go on a simple dinner date out.

We are praying this little embryo will implant and grow. The next part of our journey is known as “the two week wait.” In about 2 weeks we have a HCG blood test to determine if our transfer was successful. Keep us in your prayers and stay posted for our next update in a few weeks.


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