We are happy to announce our Frozen Embryo Transfer was successful and I am pregnant. My husband and I feel very blessed to have this news after our first IVF cycle. We did have some trouble waiting for the results of the blood test and started testing at home early. Our home pregnancy tests were positive pretty early on but it was still very exciting to confirm with the doctor.

Toward the end of our two week wait, I went to the clinic to have blood drawn. In order to find out if we were officially pregnant. Later that afternoon, the nurse called with the results and said my HCG level was 330 and I am definitely pregnant. My next appointment was scheduled two days later for another blood draw to make sure my HCG level would double as expected. We were happy to find out my HCG level after the second blood draw was 708. The nurse congratulated us and told me I have a little overachiever. Then, the office scheduled our first ultrasound for the middle of June.

As for my treatment, I am still under the care of the fertility doctor for the next 6-8 weeks. The doctor is continuing my current medication regiment that consists of estrogen pills twice a day, vitamins and progesterone shots every evening. This regiment will continue throughout most of the first trimester in order to maintain the pregnancy. We did find out some disappointing news recently that my blood type is Rh-. This could be harmful to the baby if there is any bleeding or during birth. I was encouraged to notify the clinic of any bleeding and I will need to get a special shot, Rhogam. I will also receive these shots midway through the pregnancy and at birth.

Arwin and I are very thankful for the news of our pregnancy. We are praying this baby will be healthy and continue to grow. As you may already know, many things can happen, especially during the first 3 months of pregnancy. We will be keeping this happy news to our immediate family and small group of blog followers until after the first trimester. Please continue to keep us and this little one in your prayers.



2 thoughts on “Happy News: IVF Update

  1. Great PRAISE report and post. How encouraging, positive and quite a, “MIRACLE,” from heaven. Love the part about your little, over achiever!😇Mother praying continually for you all.👍😆😍😘💐🌹

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