When we first found out the news of this pregnancy we had a flood of different emotions. It was both exciting and scary. First of all, we can not begin to describe how thankful and blessed we feel to have become pregnant after our very first IVF cycle. This gave us so much hope. We have continued praying for this little one to be healthy and continue to grow.


During this pregnancy as a result IVF treatment, we are scheduled for more ultrasounds than we would have if we were being managed by an OB doctor. At 7.5 weeks of pregnancy, we had our first ultrasound. I was able to see and hear the babies heart beat. The doctor said according to the ultrasound everything looked good. We are now into the 9th week of pregnancy and are scheduled for a second ultrasound this week. I am still currently on the same medication regiment that includes oral estrogen twice a day and progesterone shots every evening.

I have had some common pregnancy symptoms including fatigue and morning sickness. Hopefully, these symptoms will subside once I reach the second trimester.

It is still hard to believe how far we have come on this journey of starting our family. I just want to share some encouragement for those who are considering IVF treatments. There are many different ways to start a family. I was very skeptical of choosing IVF because I have two different friends who were unfortunately not successful. However, I am thankful that both of these friends were open about their experiences. They explained to me that each case is different. They both encouraged me to try IVF as this was the only option my husband and I were given in order to conceive. Along the way, they have both provided some helpful advice and encouragement. Then, at a Christian concert I heard a story from the performing artist of her struggles with infertility and her success with IVF treatments. My mother-in-law also shared with me some stories she had heard or read about different celebrities who have had success with IVF. After much prayer and research my husband and I decided to pursue IVF. On my resources page I have shared some encouraging stories of different ways couples have been blessed with little ones.

I will continue to update you on our journey.



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